Séminaire n°51

Acoustic array processing, sparse methods for sound field reconstruction and analysis

Intervenant :
Efren Fernandez-Grande, Acoustic Technology group, Department of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark

Contact :

Date : 17/12/2015 à 14h30

Abstract :
Acoustic imaging methods are useful in order to localize sound sources, examine how these radiate sound, characterize the acoustic properties of materials, and analyze complex sound fields. These methods typically rely on measurements with an array of microphones in order to characterize the spatio-temporal properties of the sound field under study. This talk has an emphasis on sparsity promoting methods based on Compressive Sensing (CS), which constitutes an interesting alternative to classical least-squares approaches. We will discuss applications where these techniques can be useful, such as spherical array processing, near-field acoustic holography, source localization, and sound field visualization in enclosures.