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Research: Preferences among Strads & New Violins

Articles related to the study
PNAS paper + photos

Preferences among old and new violins, aka the Indianapolis experiment:

Since the publication of the paper in early January 2012, conflicting opinions about the study have appeared online and in print and broadcast media around the world. While some reporting has, in our opinion, been reasonably accurate and well-balanced (see links below); a good deal of coverage appears to be based on incorrect or incomplete readings of the paper. This has led to a great deal of misunderstanding of the study's aims, methods, and conclusions. While informed and detailed criticism is an essential part of the scientific method, the key word is informed! To this end, we have provided the complete text of the paper (including some previously unpublished photographs) here.

You can read responses by the authors and others to some of the most frequently leveled criticisms of the paper here.

If you have comments and criticisms that go beyond these - or if you have suggestions for further experiments - please contact Claudia Fritz.

Below is a list of articles or radio programs around the world:

  1. The experience of three participants in the study:

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