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The team "Lutheries - Acoustic - Music" (LAM) of the Institute Jean le Rond d'Alembert brings together researchers driven by the same passion for sound and music as cultural objects, and thus approached from the triple point of view of engineering sciences (physics, acoustics, signal processing), human sciences (musicology, cognitive psychology, linguistics), and musical research (electro-acoustic orchestra and choir, performance studies, augmented instruments, sound-vibro-tactile). Their conjunction reflects the multidisciplinary nature of the research, not only in terms of content but also from an institutional point of view.

The LAM team's research is structured around 3 themes:

  • Musical Instrument in Interaction
    • The sound produced by vibratory structures, vibro-acoustics
    • Aeroacoustics and fluid mechanics for musical instruments
    • Interactions between instruments and instrumentalists
  • New Digital Instruments and Voice
    • Voice and speech synthesis
    • Gestural control of the synthesis
    • Sound and Vibrotactile Interfaces in Human-Machine Musical Interaction
  • Sound Spaces
    • Architectural acoustics and archaeo-acoustics
    • Acoustics in virtual reality & augmented reality
    • Sound perception in space
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The team is interested in a scientific study of all kinds of music, related to organology, ethnomusicology, musicology and musical creation.