This page is a portal to various project pages of the LAM research team. The contents of this page are constantly evolving, with links to new projects.

Currently active funded projects

  • ANR ARS : Analysis and transformation of singing style
  • ANR STACATO : Vibrotactile mediation for shared musical practice
  • ANR NGOMBI : Study of the evolutionary processes of harps from Central Africa
  • ANR Own-Music : Conception sur mesure d'instruments à vent : optimisation de la géométrie de flûtes, grâce à la modélisation de l'adaptation note à note du contrôle du musicien
  • ANR PHEND : The Past Has Ears at Notre Dame
  • EU SONICOM : Transforming auditory-based social interaction and communication in AR/VR

Collective research projects

Doctoral student project presentation

Active research collaborations

  • Facebook Reality Labs : Fundamental research in spatial auditory perception in the context of interactive and immersive virtual environments.

Demonstration projects

  • Ghost orchestra : A virtual acoustic reconstruction of Notre Dame de Paris catherdral
  • AVAD-VR : Audio/Video Anechoic Database for multimodal auralizations in virtual reality
  • Cloud theatre : A virtual acoustic reconstruction of Ubu Roi in the Théâtre de l'Athénée
  • Glass House : A case study of auralization use in a design decision context
  • Cantor Digitalis : Performative Singing Synthesis
  • La Vierge 2020 : Hearing the Past : A virtual immersive audio concert for the ears, Recreating Notre-Dame Cathedral’s 850th anniversary performance of « La Vierge »

Ongoing developement projects

  • Cantor Digitalis : Performative Singing Synthesis
  • Anaglyph : Binaural audio rendering plug-in
  • RoomZ : Impulse response convolution panning plug-in
  • smallRoomZ : Real-time auralisation of scale models
  • Telemeta : A collaborative media asset management system for musicology

Selected previous research projects

  • ANR ECHO 2013-2017 : [ECrire l'Histoire de l'Oral] L'émergence d'une oralité et d'une auralité modernes. Mouvements du phonique dans l'image scénique (1950-2000)
  • ANR ChaNTeR 2013-2017 : Chant Numérique Temps-Réel
  • ANR RASPUTIN : Room Acoustic Simulations for Perceptually Realistic Uses in Real-Time Immersive and Navigation Experiences
  • EU JPI-CH PHE : The Past Has Ears
  • DIM « Matériaux anciens et patrimoniaux » région Ile-de-France RAOH : rayonnement acoustique des orgues historiques. Investigation de l’effet du buffet et de la boîte expressive
  • ANR GEPETO : Gestes pour la pédagogie de l'intonation (site gepeto)
  • Erasmus+ Bilbao : Influence of lutherie parameters on the sound quality of the violin
  • EU RUMBLE : Reduce the nuisance of sonic boom from supersonic transport aircraft
  • Collegium Musicæ OCEN : Orchestre et chœur ElectroNumérique
  • Collegium Musicæ AULO : augmenter l'orgue.

Internship Project Presentations

Follow this link to see a list of past Internship Project Presentations